For Emergency Situations:
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Exir Iranian Air Medical Services Company was established in 2013 by a group of the most experienced aviation industry experts with the main goal of providing the following services in the field of air medical services.

ExirMed International transports are available on a fee-for-service basis virtually anywhere in the region. Trip rates are based on many factors, including aircraft mileage, medical team configurations, landing fees, ground transportation costs and medical supplies. For an immediate quote, call us at +98 21 44645857-8.

How does ExirMed work?

From the second you contact ExirMed, a team of seasoned experts is in motion. Whether it’s providing access to a medical consultant, executing a life-saving medical transport, assisting with pre-trip planning or advising on security risks, we have you covered. Here’s how we make it happen:



Phone us at: +98-21-44645857 or +98-21-44645858
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As soon as ExirMed is contacted, we immediately begin all necessary coordination of your medical, security or transport needs. Should you need a medical evacuation, an ExirMed medical transport specialist coordinates the following steps:
  • Serve as a liaison between attending and receiving physicians, collect medical data, draft arrival and departure schedule
  • Transferring facility: Medical report, physician consent to release
  • Receiving facility: Verify receiving physician,verify bed assignmen



Our flight plans and evacuations set the industry standard. Since inception, ExirMed has made the capital investment to maintain our own fleet and crew. Outsourcing any service is an absolute last resort, but if it is in the patient’s best interest, we have an extensive network of more than 60 air ambulance companies around the globe.

  • Logistics: Patient, passengers, ambulances, passports
  • Medical: Medical report, assign med team, briefing, supplies
  • Flight: Schedule, assign crew, confirm itinerary
  • Dispatch: Itinerary, flight plans, weather, permits


We strive to ensure not only the fastest but also the safest transport. Because we provide the top-notch medical logistics across the globe, the ExirMed approach is much more than a ride. Bed to bed, we are a patient advocate.